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Valérie De Luca

I have been a software trainer for the past 20 years and the biggest lesson I have learned is that there is no prepackaged course. Every course, every audience has its own requirements, its rhythms, its questions.

What I love is knowing that tomorrow I will have to teach a course in front of insurers and that I have to talk their language, and next day I will talk about Word's styles to salers of biomedical equipments ...

This means that who we are not so important ... what is important is who you are!

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Francesco Brunetta

I have several years of experience as system manager, project manager, developer of Web applications. And I also have a long experience as a teacher of computing at all levels - from ECDL courses to University courses, as well as in many other fields applications, including graphics and Photoshop.

For over nine years developing web applications with Drupal, one of the best Open Source CMS available; with Drupal I have built several websites and even complex applications.

I like to pass on my knowledge to others, and guide them with my experience in a world, the ITC, which at first glance may seem "complex" ... but in my classes I do everything to make it fun and rewarding.

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