Prices and conditions

The price depends on: duration, location and number of participants to the session.

The basis fare for 2 hours is 300 € + VAT (1 to 3 participants).

Any other solution can be tailored for you: for example, if you have the availability of classroom in your company, we can imagine a session with multiple attendees, or we can study timeframes larger than 3 or more hours (even on weekends).

As additional costs, you must consider the costs for travel and stay (if necessary).

You do not need to worry about organizing the trip. Tell us where to go and at what time, and we do the rest ... with your agreement. No reservations will be made without your permission. We will always try to find the cheapest solution.

For more information or to request an accurate quote, you just have to contact us. Without obligation from your part!

 The services of coaching are to be intended as professional services, with the issue of VAT invoice and application of withholding tax (rules valid for Italy only).