Areas of expertise

We can provide coaching in those areas of expertise:

Area Office Automation

  • Microsoft Office, any versione and soft UK, FR or IT. We can help you go through the migration from Office 2003 to 2007/2010
  • All the programs from Office suite: Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access, are part of our skills and we can divide with you our know-how
  • Outlook for the management of emails and activities. If you use few or none of the features of the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) ofOutlook, that is the right moment to improve the use of it!
  • OpenOffice: if you decide to switch to opesource applications, we can give you the right tips in order to implement that migration
  • OneNote: the program for the notes of Microsoft can represent a tool very useful for you that have to take complete, multimedial and referenced notes during the meetings in your company
  • Get prepared for the ECDL Core e Advanced: there are so many courses that should prepare to the ECDL but none of them goes to the point, ie preparing to pass the test and not spend time on learning the programs

Area Graphics & Web

  • Social networking: we can help you plan the presence of your business on the major social network. Let is work together to create the right campaign with Google Adwords or the insertions on Facebook
  • Drupal CMS (Content Management System) is the best CMS Open Source on the market right now; our Coaching goes from the planning of a website to the making, together with the creation of customized modules and advanced theming
  • Photoshop: most of you use it but not many people know how to use all of the features... let is learn how you can use it deeply and moreover spending less time and energy. We will give you so many tips to be more efficient
  • Gimp: if Photoshop is too "proprietary", let is try to switch to Gimp: free, open, efficient and user-friendly!

Area Languages

  • Computer Aided Translations: if you want to understand how the computer can help you as translator, then we can take together to translation aids (OCR applications, opensource programs and web applications)
  • GMAT preparation: this test is often requited by business schools all over the world. We can help you understanding where to start, what to prepare to be able to pass the exam