Engage the services of a coach means to request a customized service.

Based on your requests, we can cut out a solution to meet your needs.

This service can start with a simple solution: ie you know what topics you want to be treated and we will tell you how much time is needed to develop this topic.

Otherwise, we can decide all together what topics to develop according to your needs (for example, you have large amounts of data to be displayed in a report and have not found the best way to do it). We would show you how you can create Excel Pivot tables and reports to display data (see other examples)

For the business travels of the coach, you can organize them, or request that the coach herself organizes the business trip, in agreement with you. No decision for an expenditure voice will be taken without you!

We offer a personalized service but with transparency ... request an estimate!

Training will be provided by a coach whose background is an experience of 20 years on the field. In fact, Valérie De Luca has been a software trainer for 20 years and has gained experience in teaching at an university level and in business. She can also provide training in three languages: French (mother tongue), English and Italian.

If it is a training that requires special technical expertise (for example, Photoshop for image processing), we can appeal to other coaches who can provide the service. Ask for the quote and if we can cover your area of expertise.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we promise to respond!